Quick start

  1. Select tracks you want to add lyrics Step 1

  2. Click on Grab Lyrics orange button to start downloading Step 2


  • [GUIDE] iTunesLyricsGrabber requires that title and artist are correct, read this guide to update them automatically

Status list

Main table is updated with a colored status for every track you selected. See below how these status codes are explained.

Status Meaning
Seeking... The app is looking for the lyrics on the web. Track is valid and can be processed.
Skipped. The track has been skipped because it already has lyrics.
Lyrics found. Manipulating.. Lyrics has been found, now they are manipulated and sent to iTunes.
Completed. Lyrics has been found and added to the track, process for the track is terminated.
Lyrics not found. Lyrics has not been found for the track, process is terminated.
Web request timed out. The remote server didn't answer to request within the time specified in Setting ยป Lyrics Searching. Your connection is too slow, try to increase the value in Settings.
Web request error. The app couldn't start a web request correctly, please go to Bugs&Suggestions section and send to developer
iTunes interface error. The iTunes COM interface throws an exception, iTunes refused to add lyrics, please check if that track is read only by editing its metadata. If yes:
  1. Right click on the song on iTunes
  2. Click "Open in Windows Explorer"
  3. Right click on the song file and "Properties"
  4. At the bottom of the windows that will appear, uncheck "Read Only"
Track error. Selected track is not a valid track, it has not lyrics field or maybe it's only on iCloud and you have to download it to add lyrics.
Generic error when sending lyrics to iTunes. iTunes refused to add lyrics to the selected track, maybe it was not ready to do it. Please close iTunes and retry.
Aborted by the user. User clicked on Abort button. Everything is going to stop.

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