Version Description Date - Fixed SSL error on Windows 7 27/05/2019 - Improved logging of web request error
- Added windows version in log
25/04/2019 - Changed lyrics source link
- Added anonymous usage data collect
- Added autocheck for updates
- Some ui improvements
18/04/2019 - Fixed ProgressBar value bug and Abort button bug
- Improved stability when searching for lots of tracks
1.7.0 - App is now fully resizable and maximizable (even the table)
- Added abort state for songs and improved Abort button behavior
- Added table filter
- Added ID3TagForcer tool (use at your own risk!)
- Fixed Send To Developer button in Credits
1.6.7 - Fixed bug reporting link in Credits form
- Moved logfile location to Windows Temp folder, before the app crashed for lack of log file permissions
- Added new kind of error when sending lyrics to iTunes, app sometimes crashed if iTunes was not ready
1.6.6 - Fixed crashing bug when tracks were not downloaded
-- That kind of tracks will result as "Track error"
- Updated bug report link on Credits form
- Internal improvements
13/09/2016 - Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when lyrics were not found 09/09/2016
1.6.5 - Fixed crashing bug when tracks were not downloaded (issue #1)
- Added other counters
- Some internal improvement
1.6.1 - Fixed crash when searching lot of song
- Fixed bug that didn't allow to download some lyrics
1.6.0 - Fixed a bug that enabled button before every song was finished
- Added timeout state for songs in table
- Fixed a bug that might cause the app crashing when lots of timeout issued
- Main form GUI changes
- Removed abort button and integrated with Grab button
- Added logging setting
1.5.0 - Parallel searching: search more than one song at time!
- Removed useless code and UI elements
- Added Settings form
- Added welcome form
- Colored table row with response
- New design
1.0.0 - New engine, more efficient and faster
- New design
- New splash screen beahvior
0.9.8 - Added "Track Count" tool to count and list selected tracks without: lyrics, album pic or album name
- New table design
0.9.7 - Added Splash screen checking internet connection and itunes process
- Added "abort" button if the lyric's request takes more than 15 sec
03/09/2014 - Fixed "MicrosoftReportViewer" Assembly request 02/09/2014
0.9.6 - Added tool for removing string from tracks 01/09/2014
0.9.5 - Better UI (buttons, font, table)
- New log system (app generates detailed log.txt)
- Working status bar
- Overwrite button on the main screen
- General bugfixes
- New "about" form with possibility to open/clear log file
0.9.0 - BIG Update
- Fixed the bug when selecting >1 tracks
- New design, new UI
- Added settings page with opportunity to overwrite lyrics if alredy in the track
- Added counter for total analyzed tracks
- New lyrics search engine
0.2.0 - Created and added app icon
0.1.5 - First beta release to public